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Airtouch Hairdresser

Auteur: Azad /Datum:05-07-2020

Catalados Hairdresser Haarlem: keeping up with the trends, Airtouch. This new technique that improves, or actually perfects, the 'normal' Balayage, ensures an even more beautiful overflow in the coloring of your hair. At Hairfashion Catalados we are of course only too happy to follow these trends and we have now fully adapted ourselves to the new technology. Do you want to provide your haircut with a different color and/or highlights? Try the AirTouch Balayage at Catalados! The technique is extremely popular in Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Dubai and many other world cities, but now also in Haarlem. In short, the longest hairs are separated from the shorter hairs - by using a hair dryer and therefore air - and then the longest hairs are all provided with a fresh, different color. The result is always as stunning as it is spectacular: you mainly avoid going too blond or that the new color overlaps another color. Or, in other words: only the hairs that need a different color are actually provided with that color. No unnecessary work, always good results!

Of course it is nice if you know exactly what you can expect from Balayage. What does this technique mean? We can summarize this shortly for you. Balayage means the use of subtle highlights. Subtle because they clearly give your hair a summery look, but at the same time your dark hair keeps its color and character. The light points ensure your hair doesn't look like too 'hard'. The Balayage is used as a kind of wipe in your hair, actually always in the form of a 'V'. To what you are used from highlights, no foils are used in Balayage. Soft colors are almost always used and the Balayage is used lower than highlights. This means that the Balayage is no longer used from the scalp, which limits outgrowth. Even better about Balayage: you only need to update this every 4 to 5 months.

Airtouch is so popular

That is why the AirTouch Balayage is so popular and what distinguishes the technique from other Balayage / Highlight techniques. Not only is the result astonishing, it is also a technique that is impressive to behold in practice. Good news in that regard, that we now perform this technique at Hairfashion Catalados in Haarlem.
As you have read in a previous blog of ours, Balayage was previously the most requested paint trend of the moment and that will only be strengthened with this new development. The subtly used highlights are popular anyway, because you add a very interesting touch to your hairstyle in a not too striking yet clear way. Especially in these summer months, highlights, where you opt for lighter points, are always a good choice. Of course you can also 'just' opt for the original Balayage at Hairfashion Catalados, or you can visit us to see which technique best suits your wishes. We are of course happy to help you.
See you soon!

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Marleen Coopmans


Fantastische kapper! Mijn haar zit mooier dan ooit te voren en een prachtige kleur. Zoek je een vriendelijke en zeer vakkundige kapper, ben je hier goed.

(eigenaar) Beste Marleen, super leuk om te horen dat je zo tevreden bent over catalados ,altijd gezellig als je ben tot snel-:)

Jose Menzinga


Elke keer van hoge kwaliteit geknipt en geverfd waar ik heel lang plezier van heb waardoor ik niet meer naar een andere kapper ga, aanrader!

Hoi jose , bedankt voor je review en super leuk om te horen dat je tevreden bent over catalados tot snel! :-)

Lienn Cvee


Iedere keer verlaat ik Catalados met een lach op mijn gezicht als Azad mijn haar weer heeft omgetoverd tot een waar kunstwerk.Echt super!

(Azad) Beste Lienn Cvee, bedankt voor die mooi woorden, super leuk om te horen dat je zo tevreden bent , altijd van harte welkom.